Burns Night & Haggis Suppers

Piping in the haggis

Over the years, the celebrations for Robbie Burns has grown. All over the world, the 25th January is celebrated in style as a tribute to “The Immortal Baird”. It is only fitting that this evening of celebration should include a piper as Burns wrote several tunes that have been adapted for the bagpipes.

Whilst the 25th January is the most often used date to hold a formal dinner, Burns night is often celebrated anytime during January and February in Scotland. Opting to have a dinner party on a different date increases the chance of Jenn being available. Contact Jenn to discuss availability and requirements. Early booking is advisable.

One possible format for the evening

  • At the start of the evening the piper plays as the guests arrive or alternatively, plays to call the guests into dinner after cocktails.
  • The top table may be piped in after all the other guests are in place.
  • The Selkirk Grace is now recited and this sets the tone for the rest of the evening.
  • The piper strikes up and plays in the haggis to the tune “A man’s a man for a’ that”, followed by the toast master and head chef.
  • The famous Address to the Haggis is recited. If you don’t have a toast master, Jenn performs a very entertaining “Address to a Haggis!”
A dram for the piper and chef
A dram for the piper and chef
  • After the address, a dram is handed to the piper, the chef and the toast master. Then and along with the rest of the gathering, the haggis is toasted in style.
  • Before departing a lovely way to end the evening is to have “Auld Lang Syne” (written by Burns) along with the sound of many voices singing this very moving song.